Let go excuses if you want something 

If something is important for us, we will be blessed as Universe will find a way for us and if we just think and let it go we will always have excuses. If something is important to us and we haven’t found a way, we should not give up…we must not just accept that it’s not important to us if our gut tells us that it is, but we need to  look at where we might be spinning stories, creating excuses for ourselves. If we take responsibility that our excuses may be the only thing between us and our dreams we will always be surprised at what we can change in our life.



In silence 

​The beautiful ocean is silent and when we think we are we, we are a speaking river. The ocean is willing and waiting to melt in us…. All we need is to hear the silence of the ocean by stopping our talking business.


Peace is within us… It always was, it always will be. 

The moment I become still and careless to seek for peace, peace seems to wrap me in its arms. All I know now is what I was seeking outside is within me. Peace is my intrinsic nature and it has always been with me, only my trying to find it outside made my journey miserable. When earlier I was left on my own I felt lonely but now when I am left on my own I am alone. When I was lonely it was miserable moment but as I am alone now I see, breathe, feel peace. 

The more I am been blessed with peace from the light within me I see it is the beginning of freedom ,I see a new being is been born and I trust this being is the authentic man the mystics talk about. As I am peace I am full of more awareness and I can live in moment-to-moment as I can see all the situations more clearly. There is no problem at all in life, there is nothing to worry about what is wrong and what is right. All is love, all is Peace. “