Either misery or happiness 

​Emotions are neutral, they are not good or bad ,it is all our mind which judges them. It is our mind that makes us feel guilty or wrong for having certain emotions, but the emotions themselves are not wrong. 

Emotions are simply different expressions of energy. That is how life is. We need both negative and positive energy or we will never know the importance of the one and life will become dull and boring .Emotions are not harmful, unless we get identified with them. And the identification happens through the mind.  Once we acknowledge this reality we will always have a choice. We can either get lost in the reason why, the story, the justifications –the whole mind-fuck about what is wrong with us and start blaming self. Meditation allows us another alternative as with the help of meditation we can separate the emotion from the story the mind has created around it. We can note that, ‘This is the mind’, and let our mind chew away on the drama without giving it too much energy, as if it was an old nag droning on in the corner. And we can put our attention instead on the physical sensation of the emotion itself. If we have the emotion of been sad or feeling sad the first step is to acknowledge that yes, ‘sadness is there’ and have it in the knowing that this is quite a different thing from saying ‘I am sad’. Then we need to allow the sadness to be there, as an energy, without judging it or trying to reject it. It is, after all, just an energy, and energy is always neutral.This is not about indulging ourselves in the emotion – indulgence means being caught up in the mind fuck, the reasons why. The victim story. We need to feel more and more – what the sensation of this energy is and where do we feel it in our body and then move our attention from the mind to our body. If we blame someone, then we are missing the point and denying our own energy. Taking responsibility that ‘this is my reaction’, also gives us the opportunity to see what belief in our unconscious mind caused this reaction,this energy, to arise. Which bit of our ego felt hurt or lost or afraid ?



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