Just be instead of letting others define us

​We should never pay attention to what others say about us as it is a disease. The other will always drive us crazy . And in reality who are these others and why are we so much interested in them? They drive us crazy and we drive them crazy because we are the other to them. Why do we need to pay so much importance to others’ opinions? All we need is to pay attention to our own experiences and remain true to our own experiences. If we feel good in being serious, it is okay , if we feel we have become quiet and silent and still through our own practice of witnessing, why then be interested and why be disturbed by what others say?

But seeing deeply we will find we are not confident, so we keep on gathering the opinions of others. First we need to accept however whoever we are and slowly we will start becoming alert of the facts held within us and one day everything will disappear. Just like a dream, everything will disappear and we will be awakened. This awakening is not a practiced thing; this awakening is not cultivated. This awakening is our intrinsic nature, our basic real nature. It will be only erupted when we can wait patiently and watch, and don’t create any problems. We need to always temember this as a very basic thing: don’t create problems. don’t create problems….

Just BE. 



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