Divine in you and me in all is One. Don’t see the nudity see the Nakedness 

It hurts that many people even in this generation are only seeing the nudity instead of witnessing the nakedness of the being and soul. It hurts that they say words which makes the other feel hurt. Why, why is this generation, this world still not able to see the intrinsic beauty of the naked ones, why can’t they see the bright soul within. 

What kind of spirit many have that it is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot of self and others is more noble than the shoes and the skin is more beautiful and gorgeous than that the garment with which it is clothed….

Clothes can only make us man but nakedness makes us human beings. No, never saying that we must be naked always but if someone wishes why are they been insulted and said words which are wrong and impure. 

How come some of us are so narrow minded that we are ready to see and show wars, murders and rape on television and internet but we not allowed to post one of the most wonderful creations, (the human body) in its natural form which is simply the most beautiful Art of the Creator. 



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