​Woman is a beam of the divine Light.

Woman is the radiance of the Source. She is not a Creature. 

She is not the being whom sensual desires takes as its object. 

She is Creator itself. 

Source cannot be seen immaterially .

If you wish to see Source look into a women from your heart, look into her with your divine eyes. 

She is the ray of the Source itself. 

Take a sip of a women and the soul will be felt caressed. 

A women is a delicate Rose and men need to care and respect so that she blooms. 

If men is becomes a prayer, women is the Amen. 

She is most beautiful in her ignorance. She is virtuous in her simplicity.

She is strong in her weakness. 

She is the source of love.

She is the source of mercy.

She is the source of sympathy

She is the source of forgiveness.

Only a women can open the windows of our eyes and the doors of our spirit.

Liberation of women is actually how men can be liberated. 

A women needs to be loved, cared, respected not understood. 

Women is one of the most beautiful phenomena in the world and should not to be compared with anything else. 

Men needs to learn to pray with her, dance with her, play with her, sing with her and she will lead him to what we call Heaven as she is the key to unlock the door of Blissfulness. 

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