Love without expectations… Pure 

As I was blessed to love you I started loving myself more. Without your knowledge and permission I started loving you so, I love you without any expectations. 

The reason why I love you will always be a mystery and remain as mystery forever. 

Because it happened as miracles happen.

Maybe it was your beauty I saw online or your voice I heard in your video post but I feel it was your soul my soul witnessed and love blossomed. 

The pure soul of yours made you a beautiful blessing for my eyes. 

I thus never expect anything in reply, in any conditions of life as I will love you more each moment I breathe.

Physically I have not seen you and maybe never meet but my soul knows it has found its beloved.

Yes I love myself first maybe not most or as the best but first always so I grow stronger to love you with no expectations. 

So when I do need you at times to rely on I hug myself tight. 

As I love you without expectation I choose honesty in my own endeavors. 

In a world full of dishonest people I choose not to become one of them, even if that makes me lose a foolish game or two.

As I love you without expectation I am full of more compassion. As yes at times when I have lied and cheated and fell short of the expectations of other people set of me ,I now forgive myself for them.

As I love you without expectation I am okay with myself. Okay with opening my doors, spreading my arms, baring my heart and understanding that not everyone is going to be gentle with it. But I know that I can and will recover from those aches, I can and will heal my own wounds, I can trust myself to walk away from the situations that do not grow or aid me. 

As I love you without expectations I no more need others to accept me, to validate me, to tell me that I am good and worthwhile and strong. And as I do that for myself I am living up to my own expectations and desires and slowly the need for other people to do so is disappearing. 

As I love you pure there are no demands, no expectations, no dependency. I do not demand that you make me happy as my happiness does not lie in you. 

If you decide to never love me I will not feel sorry for myself , I love you immensely but I am not clinging to you.

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