Reality is the dream 

I cried, I didn’t want to but yet again and as I finished writing I knew lots of things within. Any asana with legs involved and when it is about #Splits I feel sad always, from childhood I wanted to do it and yet not able to. Wish someday someone guide me though for now am using tips of @hana_bladh and @rhyannawatson ,both amazing awesome souls but I realize where I am is where I am meant to be. 

Some things never really change, we keep going through the same challenges our whole lives, always hoping one day we’re going to make it.There’s no end though or maybe there is.But knowing if I don’t live within this moment though, if I don’t stop to take a deep breath, if I don’t focus on the present, let myself go and immerge myself in it, with no flicker of guilt of what I did yesterday, and no worries of what will happen tomorrow. If I don’t spend my time dreaming of been stretchable, flexible ,faster, more successful and had I started Yoga earlier like others, feeling jealous, feeling like the grass is greener elsewhere, dreaming about “if onlys” then I really cannot be in the present. Knowing now it doesn’t matter all I should be trying is to be bettering myself and not trying to be better than others. Knowing now that nobody has reached their destination. Every body is on a journey and I once again focus on this journey and trusting Universe and self that its the best part. Because once I when will be able to do these splits how can I know about this pain and about these tears flowing now as I can’t do it and once I reach there I will enjoy the moment but what after… here I regain my senses, calling self back and once again waking up. Realizing that only dreams are troubling me and I view this ‘reality’ as I view my dreams. 

PS – sorry for self writing here

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