Tiger we are…. Warriors…. Let us be as we are in real… WILD 

Truth is nude as it cannot hide itself. Clothes at times become a hindrance as they hide and become defences. Once in a while, whenever the opportunity is possible and nobody is disturbed by our being nude we must be nude. Just by dropping the clothes we will feel a tremendous liberation — because our clothes are representative of our civilization, of our conditioning. No harm if once in a while we can be nude and natural or we will keep missing something of immense value. 

BUT WHY THEN HAS THE QUESTION BEEN ARISED BY MANY AND WHY DO PEOPLE OFFEND OTHERS WHO ARE WILD AND FREE? They need to ask God why he creates nude people. He does not send us with clothes. He has not learnt yet that man is afraid of being nude.

The whole Universe is one and so we all are one and in all is the creator then why cannot we be nude even before God. There must we some kind of ugliness within those who judge others been naked. Pease don’t misunderstand as I not telling that we must be nude twenty-four hours a day as that will be an extreme. When it is cold, don’t be nude, when functioning in the society where clothes are respected don’t be nude. But be whenever wherever possible. 

Why are many so afraid of dropping clothes and seeig others been nude? I feel many people feel they have ugly bodies but the reason why they have ugly bodies is because they have never allowed their bodies to grow naturally and clothes are just a good strategy to hide their ugly bodies behind. People are afraid of being nude because they know their bodies don’t look good as they don’t accept their bodies,don’t respect and love themselves so they find hard to accept others and thus pure true love is disappearing from this beautiful world. Dropping clothes will sometimes gives a great acceptance of body. And dropping clothes will help all to have a beautiful body too — because then all will start contemplating about it. Manyhave not even seen own body in total nudity so are not aware of what they are doing with the body. So once you all who offend, judge and show disrespect to others who are wild, free and bold to be nude start respecting loving yourself you will no more judge others. 


One thought on “Tiger we are…. Warriors…. Let us be as we are in real… WILD 

  1. Good points. Sleeping nude is not only a good way to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but also start the day in a natural way. It’s also good for your skin.


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