Women the beautiful masterpiece 

​A woman is a blessing, not a tool

She is the beauty of bejeweled night

She is the wonder of the dawning day

Her wisdom she can temper with her might

She is the one to show compassion’s way

Never ever do wrong by suppressing her song

Her virtue is her gentle loving soul

Tranquility is she when not the storm

Beware you men who put her down 

I will not dim away my light for you to shine

I will not let my voice be still so that you all can scream.

Equality is what I will keep striving for

And move forward always to end days when only men demand to rule.

Never let anyone silence voice and make sure all will hear .

I will speak and love and laugh

Together with divine creation the women I will thrive 

With pride I will see the haters bow to the womankind.



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