Blissful life 

How blissful this life can be if we live, simply live instead of always living in for some ideals. 


The escape from self

The escape from self is temporary even if we cross oceans and lands because wherever we go, we will always find the one with us and that is our ownself. And all efforts will turn to be futile because if we try to escape from self we will always fail however many lands we cross. We maybe able to run away from things and others but never it is gonna happen that we can run from self because the only reality is We are. 


Pieces inside 

The sky is still studded by the shining beautiful stars and the night has not yet dawned. 

The wind still feels little cold as it kisses the skin and the river looks like silver stream. 

The sand is still cool with dewdrops touching it and in these moments stillness prevails. 

With soft sounds of birds and crickets the stillness simply deepens more. 

Still at times a kind of anguish and sadness overtakes me. 

Knowing this anguish comes in moments when I find hard to face my own self. 

As I look at myself I still am puzzled and still looking for pieces of puzzles outside, knowing pieces are to be only found inside. 

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