Life is beautiful 

Life becomes more beautiful when we can share it with others and at times it can also be hard not to get caught up in jealousy when someone is celebrating what we want to see, and long for in our lives. But we need to be no matter what learn to rejoice with others in their good times and be there for them when their seasons of gloom arrive. By simply a word of encouragement from heart to someone in pain or suffering from a loss can change their sadness into smiles. We need to learn to be like the pillow for someone to cry on and in  turn for sure when if bad times come on our path we will always someone to help cushion the effect of our pain. It is surprising how much relief someone who cares can bring to us in our time of pain and how much we can give in their hard times. Law of Universe we reap what we sow and so we need to top sow our seeds of encouragement for others today. 

#pawanwrites .


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