Suicide… Awareness 

​Suicide …..

On the journey a time came

When I wished I could run away and hide

But wherever I went these feelings stayed inside.

Questioned self can I stay here and live one more day 

When all I wanted to is close my eyes and die

I was in pain 

I was hurt 


But then I closed my wet eyes 

A voice from deep within came

You are in pain and hurt you say 

But do you have right to cause others pain and hurt them 

Do you have right to make them shed tears 

I opened my eyes 

I looked into the sky 

I can still walk the journey 

I will cross the line 

Because if I start smiling again

Life will be smiling for me too

And all will be beautiful too

And my pain and hurt will disappear too. 

#pawanwrites .


Let’s create awareness…. #suicideawareness .


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