The first four questions to shift

Who am I? Why am I here? Why did I choose this? Why do I suffer?

The who am I ,is to know the real self…..And all the “why” questions only arise when we identify ourselves thinking ourselves just as the body and mind.


See a way out

We all are born alone , yes we come through the parents, but alone we come into the world. And every one dies alone, again moves out of the world alone.

 It is good to take courage and enter into this loneliness. Howsoever hard and difficult it may look in the beginning, it will pay off tremendously. Once we can understand and  settle with it, once we start enjoying it, once we can feel it not as sadness but as silence, once we really accept and understand that there is no way to escape, we will relax.

A few questions to our own selves and answers will come that it is time we move on and go further on our journey….

  1. We know that nothing can be done about it, so why not try and enjoy it?
  2. Why not go into it deeply and have a taste, an understanding  of it and see from outer and inner eyes what it is in reality?
  3. Why are we unnecessarily afraid?
  4. If it is going to be there , it is a fact,it is  existential,and not accidental —– then why not come to terms with it?


Why are we against something and feel sad,unhappy,depressed ,worried? Only because things did not go our way, is not it……..

Why should the whole world go our way?Why should things be like how we want,as we want? We need to know the world does not go our stupid way. Either we have no faith in the Creator or we have no acceptance, or both, and we have a hyper-sensitive ego.

That is why we become unhappy,get sad,get depressed and remain worried.

How to get out of mind

To be out of mind does not mean we have to throw out our mind because it is not possible,right. We need to see that the mind is not ugly as we get to hear many a times,in reality the way we use it makes it look ugly.All we need is to change the way we use it.

Mind in reality is a beautiful mechanism but we have somehow become the servant of our own mind.I reality we were master but we have become someone we are not.

 Meditation is an art of moving away from mind,being above mind and knowing that “I am not the mind”

We need not reject the mind,rejection means repression and anything rejected never leaves us,it simply moves from the conscious to the unconscious state,which thus is what we call the darker side of us,the part which we cannot force.We need to know that thoughts and feelings are powerful but how we feel about ourselves will shape our reality.We need to know who we really are and need to give ourselves permission to explore what we really love,we need to now stop pretending to be someone just to please others.The moment we can know who we really are we become creative and this is the start of our inner self growth.We need to be positive,fun ,loving type and this can be done when we can express our deeper truths.

story.jpgThere is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou

We all have stories,deep stories where we know who in reality we are,it is now time to be courageous and acknowledge it. We need to stop thinking we are not good enough. We need to stop dreaming ,it is time to realize the truth and the moment we learn we usually disappear from the present our feelings will lead the way.We will get to know our insecurities and we need to pay attention to our triggers which will keep us in the present,here and now. We need to know the art of freedom ,which is knowing what we love and let it embrace us. Once we seek the experience the freedom will be near us ,so we need to stop seeking for guidance  -advises  from others ,instead need to start knowing self. One of the gift is to know what we love to do and the other gift we now will come to get is when we are now knowing how to handle our own insecurities and once we come to know how to handle than it will shape our life and sense of belonging. We need to be in flow and once we know how to be here and now the flow will be natural.

A question to self and things will change and we will be who we really are ,thus out of mind and into the heart. 








A little check

Did we ever ask how to be sad,how to be unhappy,how to worry,how to be sad,how to feel low,how to create anxiety,how to be in depression,and how many how to feel ourselves with negatives………………….NO we never do.

Then why are we now seeking answers on how to be in joy,how to be happy,how to be bliss,how to be strong,how to live life,how to get over anxiety,how to let go…………CHECK

WE only we know the how ,because if we can create what we don’t want ,then only we can create and know how to find what we want.

Depending on others for finding ways stops ourselves from growing and the more we are looking for answers from others the more we become our own hindrance to live life beautifully.

We ourselves can create what is more important ,once we set our priority on which is best for us our life will become more enjoyable ,full of bliss,happiness.

Constantly telling ourselves that, “I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not thought, I am not even consciousness.” When we can throw away all, only the true Self will remain and when the Self is there all alone we will find ways if in case we are suffering.

Idea to hold on

‘I am not the mind,I see what I think,I watch my mind act’………..holding to this idea we will find a new transformation,it will be that the identification of us and our feeling will start growing less and at one point on the journey we will be entirely able to separate ourselves from the mind.The mind then becomes our servant ,see not by conquering or having negative thoughts about mind just changing out thought process will do wonders.


This one idea can help us to what they call “TAMING THE MONKEY MIND”,now why do we need it and what benefit we can have is as follows…..

  • It will give us clarity of mind.
  • This clarity will allow us to focus on the present and on the task at hand.
  • Once we are able to be here and now the quality of our sleep will improve
  • When we are able to get a good sleep this  will increase our sense of calm and of well-being.
  • And finally we will be more happier.

There I see you all asking but how with that one idea we can do ? –if you really want to know I will tell you soon.




How to make the life miserable?

As always I am one type who never thinks how is the answer to know things,so I today again make a few things clearer why I don’t think just knowing how can help us in the journey. But I will start with how so that we know why we must not do it and what can help us not to create misery. 

1.Too much Expectations.. one of the biggest mistake I made in my life was to expect, expect from my father, then friends, and finally from my girl friend.

2.Over Dependent.. for sometimes depending on others does gives happiness because I was getting food and bed from my father but I realize happiness is over as I am out.

3.Falsity of love. . to be in love not knowing what it really means at the end only gives pain and who better understands this right now.

4.Conformist.. somehow society loves this and I felt as I was respected by all. As misery is written on their faces how could I be different.

5.Remaining slave to senses.. the inability to rise above sense life made me more miserable.

6.Becoming Selfish.. I today feel I was selfish as I got too attached to my body.

7.Figure of attraction.. as I see my life I guess I loved that I was capable of attracting attention.

8.Too many friends.. I found too many came to visit me, spend time with me,to console me.

See these are how I created my life miserable.

What I realized…….

  1. Because I expected lots from all once they didn’t give me what I asked my life became miserable.
  2. Depending on others make us weaker and does not allow us to grow as our creativity is lost.
  3. Love is not to ask but to give, when I thought relationship is love I was leaving in false notion.
  4. People were loving me because I didn’t know my self and they too were in misery so they never allowed me to know joy.
  5. I realized that the more I am slave of my senses my inner growth became hindrance.
  6. As I was looking I see I became more selfish because I was now thinking only about me, myself.
  7. Now this is ego, I see so many trying to be with me, near me.
  8. As I was narrating my story I was making friends but all these were not real, they were only throwing sympathy.

In life we must not be expecting too much because when expectations don’t meet we feel we are lost. Therefore it depends on us only us what to choose. Due to expectations we become dependent and once this habit is formed only we are the losers.

What is love needs to be known, they say fall in love but I believe we should rise in love and that is possible when we can truly love and true love is by giving freedom to the other.

In meeting people around me I found they didn’t actually care but because if I was not in misery they would feel sad because then I would be different from them. They are miserable and therefore they want me to be part of them, in our society only those who can be miserable are somehow more respected.

If we cannot have control over our own senses how can we ever think of inner growth, we can never meet our Soul. This then makes us selfish and if we are selfish we cannot truly love others and our compassion nature is lost. Now we will feel jealous of those who are happier. The so called friends actually now has turned against me because now I am different.

As soon as I began to feel seperated from the Universe fear came and I became a miserable being. This is because of ignorance, ignoring the reality that only knowing self is a way to be happy and nothing is greater then joy.

Life is very small and it becomes valuless if it is in dark due to ignorance and misery therefore I needed to know life. Misery comes  because we think we are infinite but we don’t accept that we are just small beings. Misery is caused by sins and by me only not by others therefore I am now responsible to create a new life, a new living.

Therefore after knowing what causes misery and why not to create misery the how, yet again will be so easy and we ourselves can find answers.

My mistake not knowing love.


No I was not in relation I thought ……..and there I did the biggest mistake,thinking……I started to be yours thinking I was in love but……… how I formed it into relationship ,how and when did I give it a name ,I really am confused as I look deep inside right now.

It was me who said I love you a lot and I thought I really mean it ……I told you that you deserve the world,I told you that you deserve the smiles then how on Earth is it me who today gave you tears …….see now I understand I never loved you it was only a relationship.Because if you really love someone you never gift tears.


Trust me I never knew when I went to form a relationship instead of loving you,I am not even sure how could I give it a name,I am not even sure how could I demand.  Love is a moment-to-moment process. Love was the state of my being, not a relationship but I mistook it.

So what if you met someone else and fell in love with him ,how come I became jealous ,how I blame you ….if I really loved you I could never bring tears. It was me who declared I have fallen in love with you, I knew it meant something of me has to go and only then there is a love affair. I was willing to destroy a bit of myself for the sake of you.  I really meant that you have become far more important than myself then how on Earth could I change today,how could I bring tears to you.

I feel I was only pretending to love because I gave it a name, relationship. I forgot my own way ,I forgot the basic that to love someone is just enough ,because love in itself is enough and how come I form a come I bring tears to your eyes.

Unfortunately, as  most people call “love” I also thought it to be a mutual benefit scheme because I expected it in return and here I did the mistake and this is why I gave tears to your eyes.Love is more then  asking,love is more then wanting,love is more then expecting…love is simply a state,a growth of inner self but I see I mistook and thus gave tears to your eyes.


Relationship may be I formed  just out of fear, I feel it had nothing to do with love. Relationship may be just a kind of security I sought. The relationship is needed only because love is not there. Relationship is a substitute this I understand now but only after I gave tears to your eyes.

Why to be happy?

Here I am again back to trouble your mind,actually I have an habit of making mind stop playing its games. Somehow I never try to silence it the way people teach,write ,talk about HOW?, I formed my own way by asking my mind WHY?……this way my mind and me are best friends …(sorry for taking a minute of yours). So instead of always running behind the how after I myself created a situation , I ask my mind why do I need it. Why to be happy?

  1. The first and most fundamental responsibility for a human being is to become a joyous being. To be happy is not the ultimate aspect of life. It is the fundamental aspect of life. Therefore I need to be happy.
  2. Only if we are happy, can other great possibilities open up.
  3. Whatever we do, it is only our inner quality that we will be going to spread. Whether we like it or not, that is the reality. Unless something of true value happens within us, we can never do anything of tremendous value to the world. So, as me you all reading this are also concerned about the world, the first thing therefore we need to do is transform ourselves into a joyous being.
  4. Every single action that we perform on this planet springs from an aspiration to be happy because it is our original nature. Remember when we were a child we were simply happy. That is because it is our true nature. The source of joy is within us and only we can take charge of it, so go take charge.
  5. See that it is a thought in our head or an emotion within us which determines the nature of our experience right now. But this thought and emotion have nothing to do even with the limited reality of our life. The whole creation is happening wonderfully well but just one thought or emotion can destroy everything.So it is better to let go the thought and be happy.
  6. Suffering is not showered upon us, it is manufactured. And the manufacturing unit is in our own mind. It is time to shut down the manufacturing unit so that we can be happy.
  7. What we save will never be our quality. What we dispense will be our quality. To be happy to be joyful is our nature so what is the use saving it.
  8. When we get up in the morning, the first thing we should do is smile.Smile to show that we are thankful to the Source for giving us another day .The way we start our morning is more likely be how we spend our day with others,as we smiled when we woke up now it is time to pass the smile with everyone we meet .This smile is blessing ,a gift from us and we are good little people so we will share it,right. But this smile generates when we are happy therefore we need to be happy.
  9. The quality of our life depends upon how peaceful and joyous we are within ourselves.It is not decided by what we have. It depends on how we are this moment,every moment. Therefore if we are happy we can share happiness everywhere ,joy everywhere.
  10. Most people are miserable not because of what they don’t have. It is simply because they are comparing themselves with someone else. Now if we truly love and think high of others how can we be jealous ,never we can be …right. Therefore in any moment of our life if we can be happy this jealously ,this comparison thought will never come.

Once again thank you for reading ,I may not be perfect in writing but I am happy to be imperfect.

How we create sorrow?

Why are we unhappy?                                                   Desires.
Why then we have desires?                                         We sense incompleteness.
Why do we have this sense of incompleteness?   We have not understood ourselves.
Why have we not understood ourselves?                 Because we think ourselves to be this                                                                                                        body,mind.

Sorrow is nothing but our desire. If the mind is free from desires, the mind is happy. Therefore we ourselves create sorrow for us.