Sorry thought for myself

Sometimes even when I am positively mentally trying to be happy and doing good life does play a game… ☺ ☺ 

First I was expecting great things from my father and suddenly a state came when I had to be out of the house.. 18 days and I  search of job more importantly  need food now to get energy to work and walk my journey.

Second time again life played… ☺ ☺ had met a lovely person, my Soul Mate on the path and things looked great. But now I am just nothing for her, once I was her only priority and now only one she feels who takes all her freedom ☺ 

And now for some reason the only friend to keep me walking my laptop somehow is no more allowing me to open wordpress website and on mobile it is just hard because it is a low quality handset. 

No not  hear to complain or blame but to let whoever reads….  First I am sorry for not been able to reply to anyone and read your post…. But the important lesson learned that problems, circumstances will come and life will play games but we need to know we are stronger then these problems. We need to have the trust in us that yes we can do anything if we really are wanting to do it and see problems are almost always our creation so we have solutions before they are created. Self believe is a must on the journey of living life. 


Thought quote 

Don’t stop thinking all is done because our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, cause our destiny always lies above us. 


(we are yet to begin as each day is a new live, a great gift to us to do something more for others) 

Thought quote 

How things have been changed by us, it was time we use to stare at the shining stars in the sky all night and now we look down and stay worried for our place in dirt. 


(our perception is the factor why we feel we don’t belong to each other, otherwise we are all like the stars shining together in the sky) 

Life is an art…. 

We all are born on the Earth and life begins and live ends as we leave the Earth which is death. But it is both this body and Soul together form the life. When we are only body oriented there is no life at all and we are in reality just living for sake of it and where there are few who are alive in form of consciousness on the high hills  they too are just living and it is not life for them too. It is the combination of body and soul which is known as life. Simply living is just a wastage of life and we can never experience real life. We need to aspire to lead an ‘artistic’ life…. It means we need to be aware of life and this is by living in the present. 

Why do we allow ourselves to lose today, as we have not nor anyone has seen tomorrow? These moments of life we need to enjoy and smile ☺ why are we so intensed in spending them in sorrow? What is wrong with us we need to ask ourselves and thus my journey of life started. 

(Extending my comfort zone I have uploaded my second video on You tube will love to know your views and guide for improvement). 

Thank you 

Now this is love, love unconditional and I feel blessed as I felt the day my blog had the first follower. How I thank you I just don’t know because You all lovely beautiful sweet people have given me immense happiness, in terms of number if anyone sees it is nothing but I see your love showering on me from your heart to mine. 

A person like me who is not even qualified, educated, who doesn’t even work what good could he write that people will come forward to read but leaving aside those negative thoughts I started my journey at wordpress from 28 july and took it really serious from 3rd August that what I will do is the way I know. .. . Pawan from India will never try to IMPRESS but he will EXPRESS himself, a Dom by nature, blunt, freak is all I am and important thing I am still on the way of living, spiritual living. Nobody promised me life and journey will be easy but what good if all came easy, I couldn’t even understand the worth of those things. I was always a person who lives in dreams (wrong study of Law of Attraction)  and then hided myself (wrong knowing of Law of Karma) but as I started I knew if you move you will get and I got the purpose of life. And as soon as I got it the two persons who mattered left me all alone –  my father and my Soul Mate  but you people, lovely beautiful people have always supported helped cared and showering love is the only reason I have come to this much distance. 

Aah there again I just go on writing whatever is in the heart not worried that what other’s will think. But I stop here but before that Thank You again. 

Be blessed