Learning on the journey 

We just need no more to fear the arguments, confrontations or any kind of problems with ourselves or others. In the Universe even the stars collide and out of their crashing new worlds are born.  This is “LIFE”. ..


Simply “BE”

As I move along

Slowly allowing myself

To melt all around me

So that 

I blissfully sink in

Forgetting past and future 

For a change to occur within.

Wanting to witness

The peace 

The peace of simply being

As I allow self to exist in here and now

Letting all troubles melt

Knowing only I can do it for myself

Allowing myself to “BE”



Within us all is a soul, a soul which is there with a life-force and journey is to seek that life.

This is a gem,a precious jewel which is there in the mountain of our body ,the journey is to seek that gem. 

We all are travelers walking our path and if we are in search of Bliss we need to start looking inside ourselves instead of outside so that we can seek what we desire.

Moments of these aloneness will one-day be worth , worth more than a thousand lives we may crawl, time to seek. 

Seeking we will meet freedom which will be worth more than all the soil our feet have been touching on this Earth. 

In the silence, in the company of self there will appear one truth for just a moment but that will be worth more than the world around and life living itself.


The escape from self

The escape from self is temporary even if we cross oceans and lands because wherever we go, we will always find the one with us and that is our ownself. And all efforts will turn to be futile because if we try to escape from self we will always fail however many lands we cross. We maybe able to run away from things and others but never it is gonna happen that we can run from self because the only reality is We are. 


Pieces inside 

The sky is still studded by the shining beautiful stars and the night has not yet dawned. 

The wind still feels little cold as it kisses the skin and the river looks like silver stream. 

The sand is still cool with dewdrops touching it and in these moments stillness prevails. 

With soft sounds of birds and crickets the stillness simply deepens more. 

Still at times a kind of anguish and sadness overtakes me. 

Knowing this anguish comes in moments when I find hard to face my own self. 

As I look at myself I still am puzzled and still looking for pieces of puzzles outside, knowing pieces are to be only found inside. 

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Women needs to be felt 

Women has the power to change the world “……… If we really want to change the world every men if is in love should love a women beyond himself and beyond his desires and reasons. He needs to love her beyond his male preferences for youth, beauty and variety and all his superficial concepts of freedom. Because of been given so many choices I feel men have forgotten that true liberation comes from standing in the middle of the soul’s fire and burning through resistance to Love.

The word “feminism” is often seen as taboo and yet, does it really matter if one calls oneself as “feminist” if one is actually living feminism? Feminism need not remain just a label it needs to become a way of life. This, however, is possible if women do not become indifferent to their role and responsibility towards history. Dissent and disagreement shown by women across the whole spectrum of human life need not be a reactionary phenomenon, but rather a healthy sign of diversity and strength….. Men will never be able to understand women so men needs to learn to listen and women should help him understand, because a women cannot be understood by a men without she helping him. 

I wish as I no more hope 

The journey is not easy as long as I and you think it is hard. 

Hard it always will be because no one said it will be easy. 

But if we keep moving with trust and along our journey wish the good of others I feel the journey will be easier. 

They said the Law of Universe is simple, you get what you give and we can give what we have. 

For now I have lots more then I deserve and at times have nothing at all. 

But each moment I breathe I have wishes not hopes, because wishes are from heart. 

So I wish we all have enough sun to keep our attitude bright each moment no matter how grey the moment be.

So I wish we all have enough rain on us so that we can appreciate the sun even more.

Every thing we get in life needs to be appreciated as each moment is a beautiful gift to us. 

So I wish we all have enough happiness so that our spirit is alive and everlasting.

Joy cannot be known without pain so I wish we have enough pain so that even the smallest of joys in life will appear bigger and we enjoy it. 

To be utterly lost is to be home so I wish we lose self and things enough to appreciate all that we possess.

Not all we wish stays in our life’s because all have a certain role to play in our life. So I wish we all have enough hellos to get us through the final good-byes of the ones we had as ours till now. 


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Women the beautiful masterpiece 

​A woman is a blessing, not a tool

She is the beauty of bejeweled night

She is the wonder of the dawning day

Her wisdom she can temper with her might

She is the one to show compassion’s way

Never ever do wrong by suppressing her song

Her virtue is her gentle loving soul

Tranquility is she when not the storm

Beware you men who put her down 

I will not dim away my light for you to shine

I will not let my voice be still so that you all can scream.

Equality is what I will keep striving for

And move forward always to end days when only men demand to rule.

Never let anyone silence voice and make sure all will hear .

I will speak and love and laugh

Together with divine creation the women I will thrive 

With pride I will see the haters bow to the womankind.