Happiness is a choice 

We need to first tell self that my happiness depends on myself and therefore no one can take it away from me. Then we need to be happy and keep practicing to be happy no matter what others say or do. A state will come when even we are no more knowing ourselves that we no more care what others say or do because we are not giving others the responsibility to make us feel the way we want. This will thus make us love all as a deep knowing will be truly attained that we can’t love the other simply because we are using them as an excuse for ourselves to not feel and be happy. The other was or never is the creator, we ourselves are creator of sadness or happiness. The choice is only ours as we are the creator. 

So what will you choose? 


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We are the creator 

An important principle to know is….. The ability to create and premeditate is instilled within all of us. We need to hold it close to our hearts.

We need to live by this principle and treat our minds like the sacred, golden temples they are. Our lives, whether we realize it or not, are entirely premeditated. Not in the religious sense or through an outside force, but from our own selves. The deep down, true inner self. The captain of the ship. That is what creates, leads, and defines our existence.

Every thought we think and every word we speak is creating our future, it’s as though our thoughts go out into the universe and are accepted and are brought back to us as experience.

We need to accept the fact that every time we think a thought and every time we speak a word we are literally painting our future,  we are creating your own life.

Yes it is simple, but it’s not easy to accept.

But once we accept it then we can start to deliberately create more of what we want in our life, and we begin to be aware of what we don’t want in our life and how we are contributing to it.

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Self love 

Our naked self is an important part of who we are. Nudity is a natural state, but it’s often seen as something vulnerable and personal. Many cultures teach us that nudity is something to hide and to be ashamed of. This makes us create a prison surrounding who we really are. It’s also the main reason why so many people are disconnected to their physical bodies and sexual nature. 

Why can’t we just let go conditioning and love, accept self as we are and this way we will see that haters, judgement makers from society will disappear.

Men and women alike are susceptible to low body image and low self-esteem. Even individuals who we often see as “attractive” can hold a negative perception of their bodies that affects their everyday life.

Are you comfortable with your naked self?

“I love myself and my body.


p style=”display:inline !important;”>“Nudity is a natural state of existence.“


p style=”display:inline !important;”>“There are no such thing as ‘imperfections’ just differences.”


p style=”display:inline !important;”>“Everyone has beauty in them.”


p style=”display:inline !important;”>“I am secure with my body and sexuality.”

In being we are in present 

Sometimes things will be ahead and sometimes they will be behind.

Sometimes breathing will be hard and sometimes it will be easy. 

Sometimes there will be strength and sometimes there will be weakness.

Sometimes anyone one of us will be up and sometimes anyone of us will be down.

Thus to “BE” is to avoid the extremes, the excesses and the complacency.

Self control 

If I stand on tiptoe it means I am not steady.

If I stride I will not be able to maintain the pace.

If I make a show I will never be enlightened.

If I am self-righteous I will never be respected.

If I boast around I will never achieve anything.

If I brag I will not endure.

These extra luggages and food will never bring me true happiness realizing and dropping them on the way as I return to my real home, my being.


Contentment is Bliss 

When we have emptied ourselves from all thoughts, desires, memories, projections, hopes and when all is gone, for the first time we will be able to find ourselves because we are nothing but the pure space within self. 

The moment we are here and now, in present be are in contentment as now we are unburdened by everything and this is now contentless consciousness and in reality we are this. Seeing this silence, realizing this pureness, feeling this virginity we are FREE..as we are now joy, we are Bliss. 

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