……are you wondering what my intentions as this hungry beast is snarling at your nakedness…………….if yes it is lustful love when mind,body,heart and soul are all colliding into one


Love -again shall we

…….once we tried but the other failed
let us move together holding hands
let our bodies be captivated by our heart,
and allow our souls to take us through any storm…….

Reconnecting with nature and body(how I am doing)

Try and lie down on the grass and close the eyes .Try and feel the sensation that is going on within the body.If you can swim lie down in a river let the water touch your body so that every cell is being cooled. Start feeling inside how that coolness enters, cell by cell, and goes deep into the body. If not worried about sunburns go and sit in the sun  and allow the sunrays to penetrate the body. Let your body feel the warmth as it moves within, as it goes deeper, as it touches your blood cells and reaches to the very bones. Sun is life, its the very source. Close your eyes , feel what is happening remaining  alert, watch and enjoy. Into the nature when we freely allow ourselves to be a moment comes when we are reconnected to our own being,the real self. The body has been going saying so many things but we never hear only because we don’t have the contact,the connection. Now it is time we try to be more and more sensitive about our body. We need to listen to it, it goes on saying many things, and we are so head-oriented we never get to listen to it or even if somehow we listen we really don’t understand.

Explored now going beyond

Okay so the last post was about knowing how very beautiful our body is and how lucky we are to be gifted …….it does take a bit of intillegence and awareness to see that though the body is great thing but it has limitations.Because the basis of spiritualism is first to explore the body and then go beyond its limitations,but the knowing of body is must.

Life is one thing but the source of life is where we need to go and see……in every creature on this lovely planet the source of life is working but I on the journey see that the source of live has somehow got more importance. It is because that my body seemed irrelevant after having explored a struggle between pysical entity ,my body and beyond the physical ,the source arised and I started this journey. I realized as many of you do that their are two basic forces in us.,one is the instinct of self preservation and the other part of us longing to expand and grow and become what we are ,not what we have become.These two forces of preserving and expanding in reality are not opposing forces but they are inter related of who in reality we are.,one force helps us to be grounded on Earth and the other to take us beyond. Bondage is 100% are own creation.

Connect to the body

bodyarespect your body and respect the body of others.Always do what you want back.Give love get love.

Our body goes on saying many things to us but we cannot hear it ,all because we don’t have any contact with it. It is time now that we try and become more sensitive about our own body.So try to be more and more sensitive about your body. Our body  goes on saying many things to us but somehow many of us are so very mind oriented that we don’t hear the voice.

Have you ever watched that if at times there is a conflict between our mind and body, our body is almost always going to be right more than our mind, because the body is natural, our mind somehow now become societal. The body belongs to this vast nature, and our mind belongs to our society, religion. The body has deep roots in existence and the mind is just wavering on the surface. But we tend to always listen to our mind, ignoring our body. Because of this long wrong habit contact with body is lost.Time to reconnect,reconnect with not only the first but the only gift our body been gifted by the Universe.This body is the best gift we were aware of at times we were innocent.

Can’t we ever go deep and see that this body is so beautifully designed and structured that it functions on its own and what we call we is not needed to participate.We don’t have to make our heart beat,we don’t have to breathe in breathe out,we need not make liver perform all complex chemistry in us,everything that is needed for our physical existence happens on it ……the body is so self contained and almost complete instrument to carry the Soul,on its journey.Only when we can connect to it we will be able to find access to all dimensions ,the intillegence within us.


How I started

Meditation oh no such a hard thing and it was me  making so many excuses everyday and when one day I was sitting under a tree my inner Self asked me a question ,How can I help you ,Pawan when you already know the answers,the way. Suddenly I realized I was taught such rubbish in my school,college and it was great of me I left my education and better we called uneducated then learning rubbish(sorry if someone takes this to heart). I am one person lost ,lost ways again and again and all because I seldom learned from mistakes…but the self wanting  to help me came as a blessing which made me start the journey,journey into the inner being,the real me,who I am rather than be lost in who I had become.

The easy ways I started…..started meditating for very short period-started with 1 minute sometimes 10 sometimes 15 times a day and suddenly body was finding it easy. Sometimes did not sit started doing it while walking or doing some work at my father’s shop. Simply inhaled and exhaled watching the breath touching the navel( will write about this more). Three parts this meditation touches ,moves by 1.physically (body),2.egoism(mind) and 3.spiritualism(soul). When I started after closing the eyes, the first thought which always came was see ,Pawan it is so dark what will you find here,everything is outside(my mind loves me..smiles). Then another question popped up can you quiet me(mind) ,my soul suddenly answered let me just relax you do what you want to….slowly I got to sit for 10-15 minutes and my mind started to be silent and I felt relaxed. Always try shorter moments and feel connection.Just try and feel relaxed as the mind will continue its chattering ,all we need is be in the moment let mind go here and there.

Feelings…madness to meditation

If body feels pleasant…………………..HEALTH
If body feels very pleasant………………PLEASURE

If mind feels pleasant…………………..PEACE
If mind feels very pleasant………………JOY

If emotions are pleasant…………………..LOVE
If emotions are very pleasant…………….COMPASSION

If life energy is pleasant……………….BLISS
If life energy is very pleasant…………..ECSTASY

Every kind of misery that I am going is manufactured in my mind means my mind is not working the way I want it…Thus I need to create a distinction between me and my body.All things I have accumulated over period of time now needs to be thrown away and therefore I need to move from madness and the way is meditation.

How we create sorrow?

Why are we unhappy?                                                   Desires.
Why then we have desires?                                         We sense incompleteness.
Why do we have this sense of incompleteness?   We have not understood ourselves.
Why have we not understood ourselves?                 Because we think ourselves to be this                                                                                                        body,mind.

Sorrow is nothing but our desire. If the mind is free from desires, the mind is happy. Therefore we ourselves create sorrow for us.

That one hour

I have met my Soul Mate and I have talked about her many a times and I can go on talking for life and life’s about her,me and us(we) . Some how we were not one in past life and this life also the Source does not want her and me to be one . Okay I am not trying to talk about our love here I had to mention about her because the one hour we talked from facebook messenger app helped me see what is more important for the growth of myself on the journey. I for now 25 years have not sat with my father together because somehow between him and me there are issues ,have shared it on two of my post not for complaining about things again and again but to be able to see it feels is going wrong always has reasons . Soul Mate and I talk about everything ,anything because we talk to Souls not just the body and therefore many a times we need to go to each other to seek help so that we are not stuck on the path.

We both as Soul mates I feel have a very sacred contract to help each other to learn and grow in a particular lifetime or life’s to come as we I feel in some life have agreed to play various roles for each other. We know that if we as soul mates reject or hurt each other( done already this life) the pain deeply affects the heart and the soul, which can be devastating and difficult to recover from( but we have recovered because of deep COMMUNICATION,a very important virtue in a relationship) but the soul stretches and evolve profoundly. We both came to see why me and she will not be one together as life partners yet again……. and my father and me,myself don’t relate and this came out with lot of answers.


I was some 109 steps away from my house sitting on some stairs under the sky ,dark night with just a few stars but each star as if saying me many things along with my soul mate talking to me on phone. I was emotional and even even she was …when we met some few months ago on tumblr and then when we were together for 10 days in INDIA we never ever thought we will be separated forever again on physically grounds,no not talking about just distance in reality we will not be one even if we stay nearby this life as have not been able to be one in some past life’s also. Crying out ,remaining sad ,feeling guilty,feeling bad,complaining each other ,making the other feel down was not one thing we could do , never can we both even think of such things …maybe this is one reason we are soul mates,we love each other truly deeply from souls. While talking we both came to see that there is reason why we meet so many people and why some have a great impact on us and in reality every soul we meet has some impact on us even if it is for a moment ,even if we do not realize.

We are made of Energy, not Matter—Socrates

Just a bit why we meet so many other Souls. 

Energy, or soul, is separate from matter, and that the universe is made of energy – pure energy which was there before man and other material things like the earth came along.We are of course made up of atoms. And atoms are continuously giving off, and absorbing, light and energy, all the time. It doesn’t stop even when we sleep. Every cell in the body has its atoms lined up in such a way that it has a negative and a positive voltage, inside and outside. So every cell in our body is a miniature battery. Each cell has 1.4 volts of energy – not much, but when you multiply by the number of cells in your body (50 trillion) you get a total voltage of 700 trillion volts of electricity in your body. Pretty strong stuff! —-‘CHI’ it is termed as by the Chinese.

Dr Bruce Lipton, a former professor of medicine at Harvard University and author of the best-selling ‘Your mind is greater than your genes’, explains that if you drop two equal pebbles at exactly the same time into water, from the same height, they will both produce the same wave ripples. …their waves will be in harmony with each other, and when their ripples meet the combined effect will be an amplification of the wavelength – in other words the merged waves become more powerful. But if you drop the pebbles from different heights or a millisecond apart, then when the resultant waves meet they will not be in harmony and will cancel each other out – the waves become weaker. You can try this out for yourself.

Regardless of what type of relation it is, the love we deserve is also the one that will want us as much as we want it—because the truth is, if we do love someone, the only thing we can do is set them free, knowing that if it is meant to be—they will return. And if they don’t, then it is just one beautiful lesson we learn. 

Lesson learned and so even when it is a hard reality to accept I will never be with the one I love. . . .. She only she is my Sweet beautiful Soul Mate, because she was there in other life’s and she will be in next life’s.