If there is such a thing called luck and is a factor in life,let me tell you there is only good luck-nothing called bad luck. Nothing on this journey is something called bad because whatever happens in our life it is for the good.



Welcome to the journey—“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ― Aristotle

Life was never promised to be easy as it comes with burdens and drama and many a times if I look deep I see it is ourselves who create this drama unknowingly. But if we can find that someone in our life with whom we can share everything without the fear of being judged and taught there remains no drama and any burden becomes easy to handle. Finding that someone requires a step forward but not in outer world but inner world. The search for truth ,the search to meet that someone special was making me do things so very differently ,as if I was trekking across uncharted lands,sometimes diving deep into unventured seas and there I always found myself all alone ,no one to hold and no one to give me comfort. I can say you to be who I really am and finding that special one is very hard but not impossible and when we find the real one we are full of joy and tears of happiness flows from our eyes and we are there where even when we want to talk ,there are no words just emotions flowing. Each one of us are unique individual, blessed with unique talents and gifts thus we never get a map of the journey and therefore we call it my journey ,the whole journey is about knowing thyself,knowing real self,knowing oneself.But somehow we always have to first start it wrong way ,we somehow are made to choose wrong path and this is why we long for acceptance and expectations-we want to feel loved,cared,wanted,needed but to know the true one we have to take a courageous step,a step to the unknown which will separate us from near and dear ones at the start.It is never easy to abandon the crowd and become a lone wolf but if we are still wanting to be in the crowd due to fear of losing them we will never be able to meet the best great person,the best lover,the best friend that is our own self and because we miss this self we are always in search of love and happiness.As I walk my journey I realize peace,love,happiness is not something to seek outside it is all inside. Once we can connect to the real we ,we can start to write a whole new script of our destiny .



Tonight again I am sitting on the beach looking at the waves

A bit sad, sad and solemn 

As memories of you holding hands came

I looked to my right and left again

But didn’t see your hands to hold

What happened?

What made you change your mind?

Why did you break the beautiful  promise?

I ask the moon above

As you left me behind a thought

You left me alone on the journey

When you knew I will be afraid

And now I found out 

You have a family to look after

The feelings flow and tears roll down

But I see maybe the timing was not right

As I have to go away from your life

But that’s OK because I know we will be together one day

On the path we will meet again someday

It is our destiny our fate it is

Life has a way of making things happen. 

Life has a way of teaching lessons.

So my muse, my soul mate, my beautiful lover

I trust Source will make us meet at another place,

In another lifetime I know we will be together.

So until then my love keep smiling keep walking.

A few ways I started practicing which made me know myself.

Who I am ? not very or say not at all important for you nor it is of any importance to myself. Because the who I am ,the real who is still I am searching or say exploring for.The one who complains,argues,cries,suffer is the one I made but the real I is which is learning lessons on the path of beautiful journey called life.

  • MISTAKES—-mistakes needed to be accepted because they are part of learning.
  • COMPARISION—-we all are unique thus we are the best ,we need to stop comparing of what we are not rather accept who we are.
  • WAY—-there was never there will never be any way we call right,all we need is to move forward and then go on moving. All because we people decided what is right and wrong we have been going misguiding ourselves and on larger scale the whole humanity. 
  • FIGHT—-if you know you are right,if you trust and believe in something is true fight for it even if others think we are foolish thinking that way.
  • THANKFUL—-be thankful to those who criticize you because in real sense they are encouraging us to move,in reality they are saying I cannot do this-think this but am jealous you are thinking of it.
  • WEAKNESS—-we are not perfect and so we all have some weakness and we need to accept it,but these weakness become our strenght.Do watch this.
  • PROBLEMS—-always say to self problems are not only mine ,they are always there and will always be there but because there is a solution we find problems on the path.
  • POSITIVE—-surrounding us with positive things and people give us positive vibes which is necessary to walk on the path,we are not trees so move away if you are surrounded by negative people.

Never underestimate yourself and intelligence brings other’s near. Start becoming exploring who you really are not what you have become….this is why I am on a know WHO I AM?

Wanted but dropped

Life cannot be lived through no, and those who try to live life through no or have to accept it simply go on missing real life. No is like darkness. Darkness has no real existence; it is simply the absence of light.

happy 2.jpg

Do I ask lots,do I want more ,am I demanding lots…………no ,never I really never did ever ask too much ,I never can. All I asked was some of your love with no conditions attached. All I asked was I want to do what I really feel I can. All I asked was your permission,your hand to hold me …..I never asked you to promise me everything I need ,all I asked please let me be the child I am.All I asked was love me as you want but ………I just wanted to be happy why was it so hard for you to understand.

“Love has to be of the quality that gives freedom, not new chains for you; a love that gives you wings and supports you to fly as high as possible.” ~ OSHO~


When I was born I guess my father had already expected too much from me . Father all I wanted was to be a very good son but it seems to you I failed,failed because your defination of good son is so very different…all I was thinking that by respecting you is enough,by obeying you the way was enough but I see that you consider me as a failure. Is it my mistake that I don’t want to be as you want ,aren’t you wrong in demanding too much .I stop my complains,I don’t blame you because you and I are sailing on two different —boats in the ocean of life.fs

When I grew up and went to school all I wanted was to study that which would help me be who I want to be in life but you teachers may had other defination of life. I don’t blame you because maybe that was what you learned but I saw life in different angle so I did argue and I argued because I wanted to grow. You decided to call me rebel was is it so very wrong to be a rebel. Was I again wrong if I wanted to be the real me ,please understand your boat and my boat are different.ts

When I was growing ,mom all I wanted was you to support me and care,I am not blaming you because you care,you love me I know. But you gave much importance to my father all because he was the main source who paid all bills,is it right mother.Had I been born with some defect and could not get up from bad would you treat me the same way.I am so sure you understood your son is a little different but made you then not accept me as I am. My journey your journey are different

When my sister was born I was the happiest because now I knew I have someone with whom I can share what I really want,where I want to go but sister how can you say I am wrong all because our father ,mother,teachers say it.I showed you my world just asking you to say it is beautiful but you wanted to be loved by others more so you thought my world is not good because it is different.Sister try and see your path and my path are not and never can be same.sister

When I was with you friends I tried to say my true feelings,I use to share my journey with you,I tried to show you my world …..but again you too thought I was wrong all because I was not the same as you.You wanted me to say what you wanted to hear but I was blunt ,honest,lived in reality therefore always spoke what was important for you to listen know and this made you think I am wrong. I loved you all,cared for you but maybe you failed to understand now I see your thoughts and my thoughts were flowing in different directions of life we want.freinds

When I met you and slowly understood you,I really did I fell in love and I love you still.All I asked was to hold me tight ,hide me in your arms because all I saw till here in my life was everyone leaving me .All I excepted was that you try and sit with me ,holding arms I wanted to try and show you my life ,my world…but you too it seems had different meaning of love.I guess you wanted the same kind of person you have grown up seeing. No I never will complain because for you my world and your world were different . All I see is that I could not be of worth you wanted.,I am sorry.lovers

Thus all I wanted was to be a son of my father,good student of the teachers,a very nice son of my mom,a loving brother,a good friend,a heart lover but see on this journey of live everyone keeps dropping me from their path…….Is it my mistake if all I want is to be me?

NO my dear Soul I am sorry to hurt you ,your feelings ,I should have rewritten my script before you came to my body to help me see this lovely Universe.But as I am yours ,I know I can and I will be moving ,moving with confidence,moving with smiles.All needed to happen you say and what a beautiful lesson you say I have learned….

If there is an eagerness in my heart and I still am moving,I am alive.
If there are sparks of dreams in my eyes and I still am moving,I am alive.
If I am living freely like the wind ,I am alive.
If every moment I am meeting with open arms,I am alive.
If I know to watch the weather as new,I am alive.
If there is bewilderment in my eyes,I am alive.

Not all will understand your journey and many times many won’t even try to understand and this is human please don’t feel sad and get stuck there ,there is so much to explore ,keep moving and say to your own self ,you simply rock. Try and see that the other person totally always will not be able to understand us. If we are expecting the other to understand us we need to see the limitations,possibilities,needs,capabilities of that person and once we understand this it means we have accepted him as he is,so easy for us to let go and move on…..there is no complains,no regrets,no blames now.

All I now am going to do is what I want to be and it is now me,myself who decides whatever happens to my life.So I include and accept everyone into my own understanding.







Just as simple life is I try to be more simple

Sometimes waking a little earlier so that I can go slower,watching the trees,the birds,the flowers,the sky,the animals,the insects all as I walk  and then spending some time of mine in silence I feel this the best way to start my day?.Sometimes just a little change can make such a great impact and with no thought to transform the formed ‘I’ can be reformed.

The more I was trying to live according to a philosophy now I see in reality I was betraying myself I was actually was an enemy to my own self . And the moment I wanted to be in a deep friendship with myself I learned a way of life and it is to live life in simplicity with simple ways.


“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.” ~ Plato

To live in simplicity  is not going to be a simple process. It’s also a  journey and it can often be full of ups and down,hardships too where maybe sometimes we tend to get one step backward after stepping two forward because it is not the destination.  To live life in simplicity is like tasting coffee or tea but it cannot be explained as it is a lifestyle we live from our true inner being.

Just a look at how simple I make my life not necessary you to do it ,its only a blog where I write what I do and how I live so that I am not too bothered disturbed by my own thoughts.

1………a list of some things I wanna do noted in my journal ,these things are basically about what I like,want,desire,need,what is important ?list

2………do one thing at a time and giving my full attention to it ,fully focusedone at atime

3………committed to do what is important to me as I have chosen it.,rechecking my list  which of these really gives me value, which ones I love doing. This way I know which to work on and which to drop away.That not in my list is just written back in  the note to recheck later but for now dropped.c

4……..seeing others as me,myself so I am full of compassion and am grateful to all. The Soul they carry and the one I carry are same full of love. I thus thank everyone and I mean it from heart . grat

5………rechecking the list as I evaluate whether they’re really my  priorities., if yes evaluating my time on how to do them and when,if not change them with what is important for me,my journey. time.png

6………as far as possible I don’t judge as I don’t like things to be seen in duality., because if I start seeing difference those thoughts will stay longer and hinder the lovely  journey .  download (1)

7……….if I can’t,if I don’t feel like to do something I simply say ‘NO’. This is a key to be living as simple as I want.   steve jobs If we cannot say no we are taking too much on us.

8………..memories are not real,real is here and now. So in life I now no more try and attempt to grasp and hold someone or something because doing that I was only trying to hold on to the past….now I detach, hold loose,let go.   download (4)

9………making time for myself,trying to know myself a little bit more I limit my communications because I now realize these unnecessary talks here and around,internet surfing,playing games online,chatting,radio,television were just almost dominating me and I was with them more then I could be with myself.   communi

10……….not doing anything I try only to be it. The more I tended to try the more I found myself in trouble because our mind is full of thoughts ,it just keeps talking ,so I started moving with the moment. I at times don’t feel doing anything I just wait and the next moment if I feel to do something I do it. I simply feel and float and try not to by any means create any problem out of that.And thus I celebrate my life. Now I spend that extra time doing things I love. I am now living here and now, in the moment, this helps me to be keeps aware of my life, of what is going on around me and deep inside me .  float

So these are something I follow to be living my life as simple as I can….NO,no I never told you have to follow them nor will I say these are ways because I am one kind who sees why,what first and if I get a deep thought then my inner self shows me the how? Try and see that complex things can be understood, but these simple things cannot be understood either we do it or not if we don’t want to. I will come up with what I talk because I believe in doing what I say.,so next post will be on why I started to live this way ,if interested do read only if you somehow are interested in simplifying your life and if you are not please enjoy the journey the way you like.


Life is mine, yours… There is no competition  

We need to see that life to lived, it is journey to know and enjoy, never it is to be seen as a competition because from nowhere it is such. Everyone of us are on our own journey, so let us live according to our choices, capacity, values, wishes and principles.

We need to remember that the output of our actions is in proportion to our inputs. Inputs can be circumstances, health, resources, and value systems and kind off. Our output is not dependent on the output of others.

We need to also see that our past Karma is a very important input factor. Even if all the present input factors of two people are the same, their past karma are different, therefore output will be different and therefore there is no thing called competition in life.