All I know is pure love 

Walking the journey with me last year she and I on the date (11-4-2016)became one but after a few months later she had to say goodbye and it was to put herself first ,to put her life above mine and she didn’t want lie to me as she couldn’t stay in a relationship that wasn’t fulfilling her and I am proud of her because she felt that along with me the relationship wasn’t comforting her and providing her with nourishment. For many it may look as selfish. But, Stefanie Jungkunz, Berlin, Germany I am proud of you because from you many more people should learn to be a little less sorry and a little more selfish and I love you even more that you did what you had to do. Yes at that moment and for months I felt you broke me and tore me apart but you gave me a reason and a path so that I start journey within and I accepted smilingly that I was not the right one for you. Knowing that it doesn’t mean that I won’t be the right person for someone else. Thank you for helping me know more of myself and giving me the opportunity to walk more within myself. Proud of you and love you.


17 thoughts on “All I know is pure love 

    • Oh yes friend I remember those moments with her and then moments without her after been broken and yes these moments now. The journey was not that easy and been feeling lonely was making it more hard… At times had glimpse of aloneness but kept going into past but realizing accepting life changes I feel happy and am grateful to Source for teaching me lessons on the path. I am also grateful to you friend for supporting and caring and thankful to all those who have forwarded their hand to me on the journey (all online) but I was always blessed to have you all in the journey.

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